Rodent Control – Works Best If You Use Both Dogs and Cats

A new study shows that dogs and cats used together provide the best rodent control. Rodents can spread disease, eat crops and invade homes. The study used four established homesteads. One used dogs alone, cats alone, dogs and cats together and the absence of both dogs and cats. They found that dogs or cats alone would not control rodents, but dogs and cats together did reduce the amount of rodent activity. They also observed that the rodents were more afraid to go to the homestead that had both dogs and cats. While this study is interesting, it did not elaborate on the breeds or types of dogs used or how many were used in the study at each homestead.


I think that it goes without saying that the breeds that are traditionally used to hunt rodents would work the best, but that is an assumption on my part. (Photo – Riley treed a squirrel.)