A unique custom made storage/tote

Those of you who follow my social media sites know that when I find an especially useful or unique product, or a good book, I like to share it. The other day I went to pick up a chair I had reupholstered and saw this unique product. It is a storage/tote bag made of upholstery fabric. It comes in different colors.

As someone who sews, I liked the use of the upholstery fabric instead of quilting fabric for its durability and substance. It is rigid enough to stand on its own but also has a wire metal frame in the top edge that helps keep its shape. The frame is inside the top edge of the fabric which folds over the frame holding it in with Velcro.


note the outside pocket and the three inside

The Velcro is out of sight on the inside of the top edging. You can leave the wire frame in or take it out easily. The storage/tote has one or two pockets on the outside and three on the inside. They have nice size handles.


Each storage/tote is custom made by George Gesell my upholsterer. They come in three sizes, 6 x 14 x 61/2” deep, 9 x 18 x 9 ½” deep and 10 x 20 x 10 ½” deep.


the green plaid top rim lifts up to hide the metal frame

I can think of a million uses for these storage/totes such as storing kids toys, tailgating, picnicking, pet supplies, traveling, books, a trip to the beach or pool, storage for knitting, sewing, crochet or stationary supplies. They also work well in closets. The handles make it easy to pick them up with vacuum cleaner attachments in them sitting at the bottom of the closet. The small size sits nicely on the back of a toilet with rolls of tissue handy. But use your imagination.

If you are interested you can contact George Gesell at georgefgesell@gmail.com or call him at 410-346-6421 for colors and prices.