Lady Bugs Can Pose a Threat to Pets

There is a “new” threat that dog owners have to watch out for, Lady Bugs! There have been cases where dogs were foaming at the mouth, drooling, lethargic and refused to eat. Upon examination the dog’s owner and/or veterinarian found Lady Bugs in the dog’s mouth.

Apparently Lady Bugs give off a toxin that causes a chemical burn in the dog’s mouth. There are certain times of the year that Lady Bugs seem to invade homes and some dogs try to eat them.

As a general rule, if there is an infestation of bugs in a home, a pet owner, both dog and cats, should watch carefully to make sure that their pet is not eating the bugs. My own dog became sick after eating a large number of Stink bugs. Fortunately, he only vomited and as a result of the experience never ate a Stink bug again.


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