Death, Decomposition, and Detection Dogs

Death, Decomposition, and Detection Dogs: From Science to SceneBy Susan M. Stejskal, LVT, PhD. Published by CRC Press, Second Edition, 2023, $54.95, 259 pgs.

I love this book. It is very well written; the quality of the cover and pages are excellent. It has informative diagrams and color photos. The book thoroughly researched and covers the topic extremely well. Because the author explains in easy-to-understand terms all of the technical aspects of body decomposition, this book is easy to read. There are nine chapters covering a variety of topics which include forensic tools, a dog’s nose, how a body decomposes, the role that bugs play in forensics, how the environment impacts decomposition, electronic detection devices and what is very interesting, actual case studies.

This book is a must have for canine search and rescue handlers, police, fire fighters, those who study forensics, and authors who write murder mysteries or include a death in their stories.

5 thoughts on “Death, Decomposition, and Detection Dogs

  1. The book “Death, Decomposition, and Detection Dogs” sounds like a fascinating and informative read. The author’s ability to explain technical aspects of body decomposition in easy-to-understand terms is impressive. The inclusion of diagrams and color photos adds to the book’s educational value. It is great to see a book that covers the topic thoroughly and includes case studies. It seems like a valuable resource for those in the fields of forensics, search and rescue, and writing murder mysteries. Thank you to the author for sharing this insightful book with the public.


  2. This book seems fascinating, and it’s great that it covers such an important and unique topic. It’s especially interesting to see how detection dogs are used in forensics, and I’m impressed with the thoroughness of the author’s research. The inclusion of case studies adds an extra layer of intrigue. This book will definitely be added to my reading list. Thank you for the recommendation!


  3. As a reader, I appreciate your review of the book “Death, Decomposition, and Detection Dogs”. Your comments about the book’s content and quality have piqued my interest in this fascinating topic. It’s great to hear that the author explains complex concepts in an accessible manner and includes engaging case studies. It sounds like a valuable resource not only for professionals but also for anyone interested in forensics or murder mysteries. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book and its potential readership.


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