Is there a difference between dog and cat owners/ lovers?

Is there a difference between cat and dog owners? Some studies say that there is, and when you think of each pet, it makes sense. Dogs are more active and social and cats quieter and less playful than a dog. Its reasonable that different human personalities would be attracted to the different personalities between dogs and cats.


An article by Lorenzo Jensen III says that there are 17 differences between dog and cat owners. Another article by Cosette Jarrett says that there are 10 differences. Stanely Coren also tackled this question in his own study.


Here is a comparison of what they found.

1) Dog lovers listen – they follow the rules more closely (Cosette Jarrett) CJ
Dog people are more obedient ( Lorenzo Jensen III) LJ

2) Cat lovers are smart – generally cat people scored higher in IQ tests (CJ)
Cat people are smarter – (LJ)

3) Dog lovers are more lively – friendlier and more energetic (CJ)

4) Cat lovers keep an open mind – (CJ)
Cat lovers are more open minded – (LJ)

5) Dog lovers love people – (CJ)
Dog lovers are more outgoing (LJ)

6) Cat lovers seek affection (CJ)
Cat people seen affection (LJ)

7) Dog lovers look for companionship (CJ)
Dog Lovers seek companionship (LJ)

8) Cat lovers are sensitive (CJ)
Cat lovers are more sensitive (LJ)

9) There are more dog lovers than cat lovers (CJ)
More dog people than cat people (LJ)

10) Cat lovers would rather be alone, single and in an apartment (CJ)
Cat lovers tend to live alone (LJ)

11) Dog lovers are dominant – (CJ)

12) Cat people tend to be more prone to anxiety and have neurotic disorders (LJ)

13) Dog people tend to live in rural areas (LJ)

14) Dog people are more conservative (LJ)

15) Dog Lovers are more masculine (LJ)

16) Dog people tolerate cats (LJ)

17) Cat people hate dogs (LJ)

18) Dog people love a different Beatle – Dog people love Paul McCartney; Cat people love George Harrison (LJ)

19) Dog and cat people have a different sense of humor (LJ)

20) Cat people are more independent

What about people who love both dogs and cats? According to Stanley Coren, people who owned both tended to fall into the dog people category. Perhaps there needs to be further studies on the differences between dog and cat lovers/owners. But always keep in mind that these studies do not apply to everyone. There are always exceptions to the rule, however it is fun to read these studies.

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